Digitally Connecting Suppliers With The Food Service Industry.

We provide you with the best technology to allow you to sell & interact with existing & new customers.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are Edain.

We support and champion the food industry in the Middle East  – connecting food & beverage suppliers to restaurants, cafes, hotels and other B2B establishments at the click of a button

Our promise? To provide you with a digital portal into the Food-Service Industry for You to raise awareness of your business, improve customer experience for you, and allow you to sell-more.

Why Sell At Edain?

Virtually Tap Into Your Market & Sell More

Get Your Own Digital Storefront

Create your own digital storefront and showcase your products, banners, and advertisements.

Boost Your Sales

Increase your sales by getting new customers and orders directly through the platform.

Reduce Costs

Find new customers and receive orders with no additional effort from your sales team - reducing operational costs.

Get Paid Online

Receive your payments in a quick and convenient manner. Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, Payment Gateway. We have it all!

Reports & Analytics

Get real-time visibility and insights on your listing, orders, payments, and customers.

Round-The-Clock Customer Service

Get in touch with our real-time customer service agent to resolve issues and ensure timely delivery of orders

1. Sign Up Create and customize your storefront and start listing your products.
2. Receive Orders on Edain Get orders from verified B2B buyers looking for products like yours.
3. Deliver You own the last-mile. We send you orders and you do your best to deliver directly to customers.

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