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Our Promise?

To improve how you buy, interact & communicate with your suppliers. Saving you time, effort, energy & money!

We are Edain

We believe that technology can radically improve how you interact with your preferred food & beverage suppliers.

Our Goal is Simple: To transform and improve how food service operators buy and interact with their preferred suppliers.

Why Buy From Edain?

Aren’t you tired of dealing with suppliers the old fashioned way? 

Save Time

Discover and compare new Suppliers or buy from your preferred go-to sellers, all in one place, in just a few clicks!

Save Money

Reduce costs by comparing product prices for a product across the market.

Improved Customer Experience

We have a team dedicated to resolving any problems that may arise.

Reduce Out-Of-Stock

See the availability of products across the market before you hit the buy button.

Multiple Payment Methods

Choose either cash on delivery, payment gateway, wallet or credit through our 'Buy Now Pay Later' Option

Order Anytime

Choose from over 4000 products, place instant orders, schedule orders or set recurring orders to automate and simplify your procurement

See Supplier Ratings

Pick only the best and most reliable suppliers.

Get Reports & Analytics

Communicate with suppliers, track orders with our real-time insights & monitor your purchasing trends.

1. Sign Up Create your account and start exploring our network of trusted suppliers across the UAE
2. Order Select your ingredients of choice, add them to cart and buy and easily re-purchase or set recurring orders!
3. Delivered Easily set time and day of the order you wish to receive your products to ensure timely delivery of orders.

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